Ashton Kutcher is The Highest Paid Actor on TV


While cable network series like Walking Dead, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire garner a lot of attention and are the talk of discussion on lunch breaks around the country, Ashton Kutcher shows that its going to be a minute before television programing slows down from raking in the ratings and the big bucks. Kutcher tops this years Forbes list of highest paid TV actors for a third year in a row with the bulk of his money earned from his contract from the show Two And A Half Men; his earnings are up $3 million from last year and he grossed $26 million on the year. The show ratings have slipped a bit since Charlie Sheen departed but Kutcher has definitely kept things afloat with a respectable average of 11 million viewers per episode in the show’s eleventh season.

Check out Forbes full list of Highest Paid TV Actors Here…

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