Jessica Alba Business Is Approaching $1 Billion Valuation


Actress Jessica Alba made a decision to set out on an entrepreneurial journey seven years ago and now it’s paying off big dividends; possibly in the billion dollar arena if she take the company public. While pregnant with her unborn Alba searched high and low for healthy organic detergents and soaps for her baby and was surprised to find there were none that met her standards. After not being satisfied with the products that were on shelves, she began to do some research and was floored by the rise of autism rates and ADHD among children in recent years. Attributed by what she believes to be chemicals and toxins in everyday products “I was like, ‘What is going on? What have we done to the world?’ ” says Alba.

What she did next was start her process to right this wrong in the world, partnering with Brian Lee an attorney turned entrepreneur. Together they launched The Honest Co. in 2012 and after two short years in business they are on track to take the company public, and according to Dow Jones VentureWire their valuation will be close to a billion dollars.

Her story is one that most entrepreneurs can attest to, identifying a problem then setting out to provide a solution. It really amaze me to see these stories where ideas are acted upon and executed to their full potential. They took this company from conception to a company that has 200 plus employees, a long list of products sold online, Target, Nordstrom and Whole Foods; not to forget the sells of $150 million last year which are expected to triple this year. All I can say is… Wow!

Pretty Cool Story! Be Inspired People You Can Do It Too…

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