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The Biggest Interview Mistake People Are Making


Jessica Liebman is the managing editor of Business Insider, in this post she she discuss one of the biggest mistakes interviewees have made in all her years of hiring.

I’m constantly meeting people of all different levels, from interns to senior editors.

Lately, the majority of people I interview have one thing in common.

They’re all messing up on something that I think is very important when trying to get a job: the thank-you email.

Whether we spent 30 minutes meeting in the offices, we Skyped because you’re abroad for your junior spring semester, or we did a quick first-round phone interview, you should always follow up later that day or the following day to say thanks and reiterate your interest. 

It doesn’t have to be anything too involved. Truthfully, the shorter the better.

The thank-you email should say a few simple things:

—Thank you for meeting (or talking) with me.

—I really want this job.

—Quick plug about why I’m perfect for it.

If I DON’T get a thank-you email, here’s what happens:

—I assume you don’t want the job.

—I think you’re disorganized and forgot about following up.

—There is a much higher chance I’ll forget about you.

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