NYC Cops Caught Pistol Whipping Young Teen


The police brutality that continues to plague our inner cities is on display once again as two Brooklyn, New York police officers were caught in this video physically assaulting a harmless teenager by the name of Kahreem Tribble.

According to reports the 16yr old was allegedly spotted looking into the window of an unoccupied mini-van before the officers viciously attack him. 

DNAinfo reports that after seeing the teen looking into the vehicle the officers get out of their patrol car and approach the teenager, who then tosses a bag of weed. 

The unarmed teen stops walking and appears to be waiting to get arrested. At that point one of the cops, identified as Tyrane Isaac, takes a swing at him and misses. Tribble backs against a wall with his hands raised in the air. He gets knocked to the ground by Isaac.

The second officer, David Afanador, approaches and hits Tribble in the face with his gun, while Isaac continues to punch him with his fist. Tribble is hit several more times by Isaac as he lay on the ground. He was eventually arrested for marijuana possession. The entire assault was caught on a nearby building’s surveillance camera. The footage is just now being released. The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau has launched an investigation.

Afanador has been suspended without pay. Isaac was stripped of his badge and gun. He’s been placed on modified assignment. “The video recently came to light,” NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis said. “Police Commissioner Bratton has seen the video and approved the decision to suspend one of the officers and put the other on modified assignment.” Several of Tribble’s teeth were knocked out during the assault.Both officers have been of the force for nine years. They are facing possible criminal charges and dismissal.

This is ridiculous, thank God that it was caught on tape!

I can’t help but think about the countless incident that haven’t been caught, considering these officers has been on the force for nine years I’m certain this isn’t there first time assaulting civilians.

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