Meet Moziah Bridges The 12yr Old CEO Who Bank $150,000 Selling Bow Ties


I’m strongly believe it’s never too early or late to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Most people are afraid to fell, but any proven business owner will agree that failure is apart of the journey to success. I love finding cool stories of self starter and sharing them with readers, hoping that these stories inspire others to get up and unlock their greatness!!!

Check out young entrepreneur Moziah Bridges who built himself a $150,000 business called Mo’s Bows. The young tycoon in the making has received a ton of media attention over the past few years while building a company with 5 staff members. He’s been feature in Oprah’s O magazine, Shark Tank and Vogue.

This young swagged out fella loved to wear bow ties and felt that there wasn’t a good selection out there for kids and figured he’d fill that void. After getting a few sewing lessons from his grandmother Bridges got to work and after a few months he developed his first collection of bow ties and he was in business. With friends and family support the brand started to grow slowly but surely and with in a short time the kid had a viable business. He increased production and the selection of fabrics used and the rest is history. Bridges seem to be having a good time with all his success, check out shi interview here on Studio 10.

His ties can now be purchased in stores in Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas.

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